What is the age requirement?

Please refer to the following age matrix for the age group your child will play in for the season:

Age Matrix

Teams are formed based on birth year and is referred to as "age pure". 

TEAM SELECTION- how are teams formed?

Specific team place is never guaranteed as teams are comprised through the consideration of many factors.   They are primarily, but not limited to:

* Player's date of birth (birth year)

* Returning to previous year's team

* School attending in fall

* Special Requests submitted at time of registration

Once rosters are issued to a coach, players MAY NOT be moved without discussion with the coach and age group coordinators FIRST.   Parents CANNOT seek out other coaches and move players on their own. The Registrar will have FINAL say if a player may be moved and a transfer fee of $10 will be collected before any movement will be authorized.    Due to the roster sizes/limited volunteer coaches, we often cannot move a player if a practice time or location does not work with your schedule and will issue a refund.  The best way to guarantee that the practice time and location will work is to be the coach!  


The following roster minimum / maximums will be considered:

Age GroupMin PlayersMax Players

What is the difference between RECREATIONAL and COMPETITIVE level soccer?

For those players in age groups under 9 through 19 who are looking for more of a challenge and possess the skill necessary to complete at a higher level may tryout for a Competitive team.   Those interested MUST attend a Competitive level tryout and be offered a spot on the team by the coach.   Tryouts start in January for our younger teams and the older groups are in February or May.    Times are posted on our website and Facebook page for these tryouts.   Players not offered a spot on the team MUST register for Recreational league if they wish to play for the fall season.

When will I be notified about my child's team and coach?

Teams are formed in late June and packets are given to coaches at the end of July at the Annual Coach Meeting.  We encourage coaches to call as soon as possible to all parents to let them know about practice times/ location and when they will start.   However, our coaches are volunteers so they may be on vacation or tied up with work so we encourage patience during this time frame.  Practices can not start before 8/1 for most teams as that is when the fields become available for the club.

If you do not hear by the end of the first week of August, please contact your age group coordinator (see the Coach page for this information Coach - HOME)



What if my child doesn't like soccer, we move after registration or the practices don't work out with my schedule?   Please complete the following form as soon as possible and return to the club via e-mail  

Refund Policy

Please see the form for deadlines for full or partial refunds (less processing fees) and the deadline when NO REFUNDS will be issued.