LYSC / PYSL is pleased to announce the updated implementation plan for the U.S. Soccer mandates regarding birth year registration and small-sided game formats. 

PYSL (our parent league) and Cal North approved the plan in December 2015 in accordance with the recent U.S. Soccer mandates, the recent implementation plan from US Club Soccer and the recent update to age group classification outlined in U.S. Soccer's FAQ Document.

* Birth Year Registration: All clubs will transition from scholastic year (Aug. 1 - July 31) based age groups to calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) based age groups in 2016. 

* Age Group Classification: All clubs will transition to the international age group classifications in 2016 (details below).

* Small Sided Games: All clubs will begin transitioning to the U.S. Soccer small-sided mandates by fall 2016 and fields/goals will be smaller in the younger age groups. 

* Roster Size reduction: Due to smaller sided games, the number of players on a roster will be reduced as well. Please see the attached for the roster maximum size. This will significantly impact the club as we will need a TON of coaches if we wish to keep the club the same size. If not enough coaches register, we will be forced to cap registration in all age groups.  As in year's past, we will have several training and license courses during the summer months.

* No goal keepers until Under 9: With the smaller goals and emphasis on passing /touches, there will be NO goalkeepers until the Under 9 age bracket. 


The field and goal size implementation is still under work by the club as we assess our field needs and current capacity. As we have more information, we will keep the membership informed. 


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